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We are an agro-industrial company dedicated to the processing and commercialization of retail and bulk products, guaranteeing an adequate control and quality from the sowing. We seek to reach the world with our confectionery and frozen lines.

Nuestra empresa, Quienes somos

since 1987

effort and perseverance our history

Industrias Alimentarias started in 1987. During the first 6 years we focused on canned goods. Then, along 1993 we started to specialize in producing jam. Today in Perú, we are the leading company producing jam for the top brands in the market.

In 1995, we introduced the confectionery line, diversifying the company with great success.

As a part of our commercial strategy, we started to invest in strawberry fields and infrastructure to work with freeze machines. We form and an agricultural area to guarantee the traceability of our product and we decided to expand the business, exporting frozen goods with the creation of MEBOL S.A.C.

In 2015 we acquired a new plant (former Inca Fruit), to process fresh fruits and vegetables, creating the company Gofresh S.A.C.

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