Food industry

At the IAMB Food Industries Corporation, we are a company with 35 years in the agribusiness sector in Peru, serving our requests to national and markets export. We are committed to generating positive impact and sustained growth in our main stakeholders: Farmers, Collaborators, Clients, Community and Environment.



Industrias Alimentarias IAMB belonging to the Agroindustrial and Agroexportation sectors as a manufacturer, distributor and marketer of processed fruits from the agribusiness; that within our production process we use appropriate technologies for the process of mango, strawberry, avocado hass, organic banana, blueberry, Golden berry, Camu Camu, passion fruit, melon , among other crops of great agroindustrialX importance in Peru for supplying international markets.

  • FDA-certificate
  • HACCP-certificate

Food industry in Peru

From Peru to the world, Industria Alimentarias IAMB as a Peruvian food industry company with lines of traditional and organic products such as: jams, candied fruits, frozen fruits, sauces, stuffed and natural pulps. We are specialists in food processes and we know the demands of our national and international clients in terms of certifications that guarantee the quality of our products for entry into these markets.


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